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Frontier Business Internet

The total reliability of 99.9% average uptime backed by 24/7 priority tech support.

as fast as 7Mbps
  • Ideal for 1–2 employees
  • Best for web browsing & email
  • Business Wi-Fi Router included
/mo with minimum one-year agreement
as fast as 15Mbps
  • Ideal for 2–3 employees
  • Best for light file sharing & downloads
  • Business Wi-Fi Router included
/mo with minimum one-year agreement
as fast as 20Mbps
  • Ideal for 3–5 employees
  • Best for average file sharing & downloads
  • Business Wi-Fi Router included
/mo with minimum one-year agreement
as fast as 40Mbps
  • Ideal for 5–10 employees
  • Best for cloud backup & heavy downloads
  • Business Wi-Fi Router included
/mo with minimum one-year agreement

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  • No package price hikes, guaranteed
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for qualifiying packages with minimum one-year agreement

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Why Choose Frontier?

Because dependable Internet should be a given.

Frontier offers Internet service with reliable uptime, round-the-clock tech support, and other features that allow your business to run smoothly every day.

Internet Features

Price Guaranteed up to 3 Years

With minimum 2-year agreement.

99.9% Average Uptime

Count on a constant connection. Frontier Business Edge is on whenever you are.

Dedicated Line

Your dedicated line guarantees stable, high speeds all day instead of forcing you to compete for cable bandwidth.

24/7 Priority Tech Support Included

Get help from a U.S.-based tech agent any time of day.

Wi-Fi Router Included

Secure your office network while providing wireless Internet to employees & customers.

8 Email Accounts Included

Each comes with 200MB storage and an individual website.

Static IPs Available

Customize your IP protocols to your device and privacy needs. Static IPs available for $10 each per month.

Free Internet Installation Available

With minimum 2-year agreement.

Business Services

Add-ons to meet specific IT needs


Frontier Secure

  • Award-winning computer protection
  • Cloud data backup to protect important files
  • 24/7 Premium Technical Support



  • Customizable TV plans for every business
  • Entertain customers in lobbies, waiting areas, and more



  • Hotspots for customers & guests
  • Anchor tenants for extending coverage
  • Remote management & monitoring

Advanced Products

Streamlined solutions for complex needs

Data Private Line

Frontier's advanced products can help your business accommodate high traffic, protect sensitive information, and more.

See Advanced Products

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