Frontier Business Tips

  1. 10 Friendliest States for Online Business

    You do business online—it shouldn’t matter where you’re located geographically, right? If business internet is “the great equalizer,” isn’t West Virginia just as digitally viable as Virginia? Aren’t the Carolinas…

  2. 10 Tips to Increase Your Home Business Productivity

    When you own a home business, productivity and efficiency rest solely on your shoulders. You’re the boss, which means you’re responsible for managing and growing the business. No one else—not…

  3. 3 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an IT Consultant

    IT consultant frontier business

    As a small-business owner, you’re used to wearing several hats. However, you don’t always have the time or expertise needed for those various roles. So what do you do when…

  4. How AI Can Help Your Small Business

    artificial intelligence, robot

    When you run a small business, you need every advantage possible to stay at the top of your industry—and ahead of the competition. Technology has always been a key piece…

  5. 24 Little-Known Tech Facts Every Small-Business Owner Knows


    It’s incredible how many different hats small-business owners wear. Day in and day out, they oversee their teams, coordinate with partners and clients, and strategize how to grow business sustainably….

  6. VoIP Yesterday Today Tomorrow

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technical term for phone service over the Internet. Its existence dates back to the beginnings of the Internet itself, when the first Internet…

  7. How to Find the Perfect Co-working Space


    When you’re the one who gets to decide where you work every day, it can be it can be tough to narrow down what exactly you need in a workspace….

  8. 4 Secrets to Growth Success for Small Businesses


    For most small businesses, growth is a recurring goal. From increasing profit and revenue to growing in size, small-business owners are always striving for more. According to a 2016 Leadpages…

  9. The Business Owner’s Guide to Earning Frequent Flyer Miles


    By: Melissa Darcey Frequent flyer mile programs aren’t reserved for world travelers. Small-business owners and employees who travel for work can also benefit from these programs, cutting costs and enjoying…

  10. 19 Entrepreneurs Impart Their Best Small-Business Advice


    By Alexia Chianis Whether you’re brainstorming a new venture or already have one up and running, listening to small-business advice from successful leaders can pay off. Not only can their…