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    As a business owner, you may have seen the symptoms of employee burnout around the office. These symptoms include a decrease in performance, a lack of innovation, or a negative…

  2. Protect Your Pop-Up: 9 Ways to Improve Security at Your Pop-Up Shop


    By Madeline Gearheart Pop-up shops are a great way for small businesses to bring in extra money on the side, get more publicity, or expand locations without tons of overhead….

  3. 5 Ways to Manage Your Business While on Vacation


    It’s not easy taking a vacation when you have a business to run. In 2015, only 57% of small-business owners planned to take a vacation that year, and less than…

  4. Avoiding a Black Friday Disaster: 5 Problems and Solutions


    Black Friday earned its moniker from being the day businesses can finally bring their budget in the black after months of operating in the red. One bad business move on…

  5. 4.2 Million Workers Eligible for Overtime Pay Next Month—Here’s How to Prepare


    Starting December 1, 2016, businesses of all sizes will be required to uphold the new federal overtime regulations as outlined by the final rule announced on May 18, 2016. These…

  6. 5 Best Credit Card Apps for Your Small Business


    The majority of Americans don’t carry much cash in their wallets anymore, relying instead and credit and debit cards. This trend could pose a problem for your small business if…

  7. Is a Move Worth the Relocation Expenses?


    A thriving and rapidly expanding business is a good problem for a business owner to have, but with a growing team comes a need for more space. Moving locations is…

  8. 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Co-Working Space


    Entrepreneurs, startups, and small-business owners have been flocking to co-working spaces for a variety of reasons — in fact, more than 7,800 co-working spaces currently exist worldwide, and solid growth…

  9. 5 Things Businesses Do to Be More Efficient and Prepared

    Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” He may as well have been talking to small-business owners because although owning…

  10. 4 Compelling Reasons for Hiring an Intern at Your Small Business


    Many large corporations will hire interns this summer, and there’s nothing holding your small business back from doing the same. Internships provide career-minded students with valuable experience — but they…