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Gain Your Edge is a twice-monthly podcast on all things IT. Join host Skip Lineberg and industry thought-leaders as they explore the evolving world of tech to help you gain a competitive business edge.

  1. Hotel Voice and Connectivity Solutions – London Bridge Resort

    Hotel Voice and Connectivity Solutions

    In the fast-paced hospitality industry, high-speed internet and advanced technology are expected for a comfortable guest experience. Today we’re taking an in-depth look into a hotel’s tech needs and solutions…

  2. Headlines with a Hacker – March 2017 Edition


    In today’s episode, we’re digging into the latest tech headlines making a big impact – ranging from innovations that are changing the game, to major brands bringing back retro-inspired products….

  3. Tech Predictions and Innovations from CES 2017


    One of the most exciting aspects of technology is how quickly it moves into the future. Not long ago, it was pure science fiction to have pocket-sized computers with touch…

  4. Your Phone System Isn’t “Retro” – It’s Hurting Your Business


    If your business phone system can be referred to as “retro,” “old school,” or “vintage” then it may be time to seriously consider an upgrade. For small and medium sized…

  5. Next Generation E911 Solutions with Maj. Jeff Cline


    Emergency responders depend on effective communication to save lives and maintain peace within our communities. But in today’s world of technology, communication has become much more complex than simply dialing…

  6. Campus Safety & Smart Tech with Steve Given

    Campus Safety & Smart Tech Steve Given Gain Your Edge Podcast-FTRB

    In recent years, an unfortunate conversation has become increasingly essential: How do we protect our loved ones, friends, and coworkers in violent emergency situations? While this question has deeply personal…

  7. Headlines with a Hacker – Dec. 2016 Edition


    Prepare your business for the online shopping season with emerging e-commerce and digital security trends. On this week’s podcast, we’re sitting down with Bill Gardner, computer expert and professor of…

  8. Technology in Healthcare


    When it comes to your family’s well-being, the importance of reliable technology in the healthcare process can’t be overstated. In this episode, we’re highlighting a healthcare company that utilizes advanced…

  9. Digital Transformation of the Hospitality Industry

    Bob Headshot

    Gain Your Edge is a twice-monthly podcast on all things IT. In this episode, we’re exploring the dynamic hospitality industry that encompass the places we visit to have a memorable and…

  10. Tech Gear – Google OnHub WiFi Router


    Gain Your Edge is a twice-monthly podcast on all things IT. Today we’re sitting down to discuss how a new WiFi router from Google has created a ton of excitement and thousands…