Free Wi-Fi takes off throughout greater Rochester International Airport

The Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) began its partnership with Frontier in 2003 and its been a successful journey together ever since. During the first 10 years of the partnership, ROC provided space in the terminal for the Frontier Business Center and Frontier advertising throughout the airport. In return, Frontier provided two wireless networks in the concourse areas: pay-to-use premium Frontier High Speed Internet and free ROC Wireless.

Wi-Fi coverage expanded

Late in 2013, Wi-Fi service at ROC was expanded to include the entire airport area — from the time visitors walk through the airport doors, through check-in and boarding, and all the way to baggage claim, they can enjoy Frontier’s free Wi-Fi services. Also in 2013, Frontier replaced the former twotiered Wi-Fi service op-tions with free high-speed Wi-Fi service for all visitors. Anne Tetamore, Marketing Manager — New York, notes, “The Frontier team in this area is pleased to work with ROC to enhance the airport experience of all its guests. By offering free Wi-Fi with speeds up to 3 Mbps for both uploads and down-loads, Frontier is helping everyone stay connected so there is no downtime while waiting for flights at the airport.” Business and leisure travelers as well as air-port personnel are benefiting from the Wi-Fi upgrade. “Frontier’s expanded Wi-Fi service at ROC demonstrates what we do best: Put our customers first,” says Rich O’Brien, East Region Vice President of Marketing. “Frontier invested significantly in our network at ROC to make this happen, and we know it will make the airport an even more enjoyable, and productive, place to be.” Although airline service is dynamic and flight schedules change seasonally, ROC has typically provided about 120 flights per day to 19 cities (22 airports) and serves more than 2.4 million passengers annually. It is served by major domestic air carriers as well as regional partners and smaller airlines. With connections to large hub airports, service is provided to any airport worldwide. At this level of activity, the FAA classifies ROC as a “Medium Hub.”

Working and playing online

Now ROC visitors have more options while waiting at the airport. Phil Yawman, Vice President and General Manager of Frontier’s Greater Rochester market, says, “Thanks to the hard work of our local team, the airport has a more robust network offering greater band-width and an overall enhanced Internet experience. Travelers can confirm hotel reservations, check social media, shop online, pay bills and respond to email. Frontier’s expanded Wi-Fi service means no wasted time. Throughout the airport, you’re connected and it’s all free.” Wi-Fi service isn’t the only amenity at ROC that’s undergone a renovation since the early years of the ROC/Frontier partnership; the Frontier Business Center at the airport has also been enhanced. This space now offers more advanced communications tools such as Mitel conferencing solutions that deliver rich applications, superior audio clarity and the ability to share and collaborate on documents. (See the sidebar for a complete list of the Frontier Business Center’s features.) “ROC is happy to partner with Frontier Communications to provide travelers complimentary WiFi and expanded service throughout our facility,” says Michael A. Giardino, Director of Avia-tion. “Providing travelers with terminal amenities such as children’s play areas, food and concession choices, free Wi-Fi and business conferencing facilities gives passengers the options they need to make the most of their time here at ROC.”

Frontier Business

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) is a leader in providing communications services to urban, suburban, and rural communities in 29 states. Frontier offers a variety of services to residential customers over its fiber-optic and copper networks, including video, high-speed internet, advanced voice, and Frontier Secure® digital protection solutions. Frontier’s video offerings include FiOS® and Vantage TV by Frontier™ with 100 percent HD picture quality, Whole Home DVR, instant channel change, enhanced search, Video on Demand, and much more. Frontier Business offers communications solutions to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. More information about Frontier is available at

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