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Data is Your Future

We talk a lot about data. Always in the news. Security warnings, privacy discussions, and seemingly constant conversations about big data, storage, and networking. Data is useful. Some data is very important. We know that. But let’s talk about whether you need all that data, what data will help you grow your business, and how […]

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Check out our collaboration webinar

The right network technology makes all the difference, especially when it comes to helping your employees work collaboratively. The end result? A better bottom line and happier customers. So, how can your business have all this? Our on-demand live webinar, Keep It Collaborative: How Tech Helps You Work Smarter, gives you access to expert advice […]

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Case Study: BioDerm’s Keys to Communication

We all know that communication is key to success, but when your industry is medical device manufacturing and your products are connected to the human body, there’s little room for error. BioDerm is a leading medical device manufacturer within its niche. With rigorous service standards that help to create premier products, the need for quality […]

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Unified Communications: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has evolved from awkward meetings to a daily part of productive businesses. High-speed Internet has solved many of the issues that once plagued online meetings, such as audio and video lag, slow-loading presentations, and unreliable screen shares, further adding to that productivity. Other technology, including unified communications (UC), has given rise to reliable […]

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Unified Communications: Unified Messaging

One of the core components of unified communications (UC) is a strong unified messaging (UM) system. In the context of a UC suite, unified messaging refers to a single interface for emails, voice messages, faxes, and SMS text messages. Teams can streamline workflow and access various communication formats on the go through a single app […]

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Unified Communications: What You Should Know

Business owners have a wealth of communication tools at their disposal—in fact, maybe too many. Systems and software that enable teams to work together may be great as stand-alone products, but integrating individual systems into a cohesive whole can be frustrating. That’s where unified communications (UC) comes in. What Is Unified Communications? Unified communications refers […]

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Tomorrow Starts Today: Making Your Business Future-Proof

The future of your business depends on the technology it runs on today. That’s why you need to think about the technology you’re using. It might work for your business now, but what about next year? Or five years from now? Watch our on-demand webinar, Tomorrow Starts Today: Future-Proofing Your Business, hosted by Lisa Partridge […]

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A Storm’s Coming. Is Your Business Prepared?

Over the last decade, the frequency and devastating strength of hurricanes has increased dramatically. The biggest, most destructive storms—like Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Sandy—cost billions in residential and commercial property damage. In fact, when you combine the damage costs from the hurricanes in 2012 and 2017, it amounts to $273.2 billion. And according […]

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6 Uses of Blockchain for Business

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency; it’s a hot topic, and some say it’s revolutionizing the way we think about money. Just as important, though, but less talked about, is the blockchain revolution. What Is Blockchain? Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger—basically, a record of transactions spread across multiple computers, or nodes. The ledger records […]


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VoIP vs. Landline Phones

As a business owner, you have dozens of choices to make every day—including which phone service is best for your company. We’ve listed some facts about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and landline phones to help you make the right choice for your business. How Landlines and VoIP Service Work When a customer dials your […]

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