Your Phone System Isn’t “Retro” – It’s Hurting Your Business


If your business phone system can be referred to as “retro,” “old school,” or “vintage” then it may be time to seriously consider an upgrade. For small and medium sized business owners, wearing multiple hats and juggling a variety of disciplines is just another day. Because of this, an outdated phone system is pretty low on the priority list. If it rings and you can answer it, then nothing to worry about – right?

Unbeknownst to a lot of entrepreneurs, their phone systems are actually sapping money away from their bottom line. Today we’re sitting down with Shana Mallin, Director of Customer Premise Equipment at Frontier. She leads a team that provides voice, data and Wi-Fi solutions to all types of businesses. She has supported hundreds of customer applications, overseen hundreds of installations and solved multitudes of real-world use cases involving voice networks. So you could say she knows a little something about how phones and businesses interact. 

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