Anywhere & Everywhere: How VPN is Changing the Way We Work

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According to Moore’s Law, technology halves in size and doubles in power every couple of years. It’s one of the reasons that most of us work with the computers at our desk as well as the computers in our pockets. Today, we bring Lisa Partridge to the table to talk about the modern age of working. Offices, airports, hotels and homes, people work anywhere and everywhere these days due in large part to VPNs, Virtual Private Networks.

Lisa is the Director of Data Product Management for Frontier Communications with a wealth of practical knowledge when it comes to VPNs. In this episode, we tap her brain for insights into best practices, current trends and the latest news in the VPN enabled mobile workplace. We’ll talk about figuring out if you need a VPN for your business, Facebook’s latest VPN headlines and even (digital) coffee shop security. All this and more is in store for you in Episode 48 of Gain Your Edge.

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