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Reading into Resolutions


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New Year’s resolutions are great motivators to refresh in terms of self-improvement, and to positively set the tone for your upcoming year. They do not always need to be extravagant, nor wholly life-changing. Sometimes simple, viable resolutions can have a ripple effect, naturally leading to larger-scale improvements and an overall sense of betterment.

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2016 is to become a more well-rounded leader. Another is to devote more time to reading. Though both stand well independently, I think they directly correlate to each other, and one will serve to strengthen the other. This is why I’m hoping to achieve both at once by brushing up on the leadership styles of others. I’ll add a slew of new sources to my RSS reader, which I’ve already begun curating. Here are my personal picks for leadership sources in 2016 that you should be following if you want to become a more agile leader:

1. FC Leadership – Many of us are familiar with Fast Company as a resource for all things at the intersection of business and innovation. It puts the same creative twist on its leadership portion and offers fresh perspectives on managing for the future.

2.  Leadership TED Talks – This curation of leadership TED Talks spans a range of diverse topics, but they have one thing in common: They’ll inspire you to be a better leader. If you’re going to watch one TED Talk on leadership, my recommendation is David Logan’s talk on tribal leadership.

3. Brian Tracy International – Brian Tracy has written many books about success and personal development. I recommend his blog because it’s packed with practical information about becoming an effective leader, and his blog posts get right to the point.

4. Kellogg Insight, from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University – Kellogg Insight from the Kellogg School of Management is a great online resource to learn about more than just leadership. Its blog posts about technology, collaboration, and marketing keep me on my toes when it comes to the other aspects of my job, which I think helps me be more well-rounded.

5. Guy Kawasaki – Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley marketing executive, and he’s incredibly well-versed on a number of topics, such as innovation, enchantment, social media, and entrepreneurship. His blog covers all of those topics, and he includes tidbits from his personal life to give it an authentic, relatable touch.

6. Harvard Business Review – Leadership ­­– Harvard Business Review’s blog, particularly its leadership sector, is a curation of posts written by a variety of credible leaders. I’m a fan of its easy-to-navigate user interface with straight-to-the-point blog posts that include very tangible takeaways.

7. Leading with Purpose by Michael Hyatt – What I love about Michael’s blog is that he teaches that being both a great leader and a present family man stem from the heart. Family plays the most important role in my life, and Leading with Purpose is a great resource that balances insight about leadership with leading a holistic and fulfilling life.

I look forward to starting 2016 with a renewed devotion to becoming a better leader, and anticipate a year of insightful reading. What are your preferred sites and/or inspirations for business and leadership? My RSS reader welcomes any suggestions!


This post is written on behalf of Cory Jones, who currently serves as Vice President of Commercial Marketing for Frontier Communications. In his role, Cory is responsible for all facets of business-to-business marketing for the company, including acquisition, retention, digital, social media, lead generation, and marketing communications.

Cory holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Texas Tech University. He lives in the Dallas area with his wife and two children, and is on an eternal quest to finally break par on the golf course.