Ready for Emergencies…Today and Tomorrow

State and local governments rely on Frontier’s E9-1-1 Products and Expertise

Citizens count on 9-1-1 operators to be there to answer the call in case of emergency. Likewise, many state and local governments count on Frontier to provide the E9-1-1 Network, Database and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) products required for reliable and efficient communications. Frontier E9-1-1 products are currently in use in about 700 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) in 23 states.

Vince Gitch, Product Marketing Manager at Frontier, says, “Frontier provides a coordinated portfolio of 9-1-1 services along with technically savvy Sales and Support personnel to ensure that the right long-term choices are made for the customer. In addition, customers understand that Frontier knows them and their business, and will provide both insight upfront and quality service throughout the entire experience.”

Looking ahead to Nexgen 9-1-1

Frontier, however, is not stopping with current 9-1-1 solutions. Our forward-thinking staff is preparing for the transition to Next Generation 9-1-1 (or NexGen 9-1-1) multimedia communications. Public safety emergency communications have never been on the threshold of greater change than they are today, and Frontier is here to help ease this shift. What will the NexGen 9-1-1 future be like? To answer that, it’s helpful to start with a look back. In the past, virtually all 9-1-1 calls were voice callers using landline telephones to access PSAPs. With NexGen 9-1-1, this voice-and-landline focus is moving to a convergence of voice, text, data and video information from many types of communication devices, sent over IP networks.

More options in emergency situations

The transition to NexGen 9-1-1 is in response to changes in communication methods; about 70 percent of all 9-1-1 calls are now made from mobile hand-held devices, yet today’s 9-1-1 systems support voice-centric communications only and are not designed to transfer and receive text messaging, videos or photos. In some emergency situations — such as a home intrusion or abduction where a call could further jeopardize someone’s life and safety — texting may be the only way to reach out for help. And sharing videos and photos will pro-vide first responders with on-the-ground information to help assess and address emergencies in real-time. For example, a convenience store shopper will someday be able do more than just call 9-1-1 to report a robbery. He or she will be able to use their cellphone to take a picture of the perpetrator and send it to the authorities.

Moving forward, Frontier will remain a trusted partner in planning, designing, implementing and operating highly reliable and secure 9-1-1 solutions. We stand ready to integrate our existing E9-1-1 portfolio with a NexGen 9-1-1 infrastructure.


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