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Simplified User Experience and How SD-WAN is Disrupting the IT Industry

For a long time, when it came to IT, sleek design and user-friendly interfaces were secondary to functionality. However, that mentality has shifted to the point where now, design and user experience are just as important as ground level functionality. Today we discuss this shift with Daghan Altas, Director of Product and SD-WAN Strategy Lead at Meraki. With in depth experience and plenty of examples, the conversation sheds some light on the world of cloud-managed IT that simply works.

Back in 1984, a technology company popped up that used a shortened version of San Francisco as their name and an abstract take on the Golden Gate Bridge for their logo. That company, Cisco Systems, went on to become the largest networking company in the world. In 2012, Cisco acquired  Meraki, a cloud managed IT company that serves as the perfect example of an organization prioritizing design and UX. In Daghan’s words, “the world yearns for simplicity.” With their SD-WAN technology, they’ve been able to enrich network functions, disrupting the IT game as we know it, and helping customers cut costs while enhancing quality of service.


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