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The Wild World of Patents and Search: Staking Your Claim to Intellectual Property

Have you ever experienced that moment of insight where the lightbulb goes off and a new invention is born in your mind? From the shower to the store and everywhere in between, a genius idea can strike at any time. On this episode, we talk to Sam Baxter, Chief Technology Officer at to talk about these lightning bolt moments and the world of intellectual property. has brought the world of intellectual property into the modern age with innovative tools and processes for the 21st century. In the IT world, invention and innovation drive the industry forward and Sam is at the forefront of the latest and greatest. Patents, ideas and the Semantic Map are all on the table for this episode. We’ll also cover the transformation of IP from physical to digital, the role of algorithms in search and the language of legal documents.


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Semantic Search: Cognitive Retrieval and Semantic Mapping

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