Virtualization Featured Guest: Phillip McDaniel Director of National & Vertical Engineering for Mitel

Virtualization Phillip McDaniel Director of National & Vertical Engineering for Mitel Frontier Business

Gain Your Edge is a biweekly podcast on all things IT. This week’s podcast is on Virtualization — the creation of a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or operating system, enabling them to be accessed in multiple environments. Our guest is Phillip McDaniel, Director- National and Vertical Engineering for Mitel.

Phillip McDaniel of Mitel joins Gain Your Edge to talk about all things virtualization.

Phillip referenced the following articles and resources during our podcast and here they are, for your reading pleasure:

Virtualization: Is it right for my business?,

VMWare (where you can register for VMWare Training),

myLearn from VMWare, VMWare

MiCollab with Voice,

Frontier Business Edge,

More details:

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