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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technical term for phone service over the Internet. Its existence dates back to the beginnings of the Internet itself, when the first Internet Phone Software appeared in 1995.

From Humble Beginnings

A company named VocalTec developed VoIP in February 1995, though it had its origins in 1973, as an experimental Network Voice Protocol created for ARPANET. By 1998, businesses were able to use PC to phone services. Developers were quickly able to establish phone-to-phone service by using a computer to establish connections. Microsoft, along with Cisco, began implementing protocols to standardize VoIP communications systems

Common Use Today

Today, VoIP is far more efficient and widely used in business communications. From providing low cost voice service for the small office/home office to large scale enterprises solutions, VoIP is rapidly displacing legacy business lines and Centrex services.  Cloud-based, also called managed VoIP services, offer businesses of all sizes the benefits of operating vs. capital expense budgeting, business continuity, scalability, and enhanced calling features.

Frontier’s Frontier AnyWare is a managed VoIP offer based on Mitel’s MiCloud and MiVoice solutions.  Frontier AnyWare supports over 8,000 user seats throughout the United States. Here’s what analyst firm Frost & Sullivan had to say about today’s success and tomorrow’s future in the cloud.

Advancements for Tomorrow

VoIP is entirely different now from where it was in the beginning, and growth is sure to continue as further advances are discovered.  New mobile communications applications are on the horizon to further enhance real time collaboration, spanning time and distance.  Businesses will increasingly move their communication solutions to the cloud for greater flexibility and agility as they seeking increased productivity and lower operating costs.  Frontier is well positioned to bring the future of VoIP to our business customers.

For more information, visit https://business.frontier.com/enterprise/voip.

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