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Frontier Business® Phone & Internet Bundles

Save when you combine business phone and internet.


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Business Bundle Features

More than saving money.

One service provider for your business internet and phone means streamlined customer service and support, easier installation, and less hassle all around. And you get to take advantage of the advanced features Frontier offers, like our new Frontier AnyWare VoIP solution. And saving money every month never hurts, either.

iconInternet Features

Choose high-speed internet that works as hard as you do:

  • 99% Average Uptime. Count on a constant connection, no matter when you need to work. Frontier Business Internet is on when you are.
  • Dedicated Line. A dedicated line for your business offers consistently fast speeds at any time of day, so you don’t have to worry about security or competing for bandwidth during peak hours.
  • Security You Can Count On. Quantum Gateway router and static IPs offer secure network access on- and off-site.

iconPhone Features

With Frontier, you’ll get a scalable phone service that fits your needs:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling. These days, your customers are as likely to be across the country as across the street. And it’s not just customers that businesses need to connect with over long distance. Keep your remote employees in the loop, too, with this phone feature.
  • Premium Customer Experience. Your Frontier business phone system includes voice mail, call forwarding, and three-way calling. You can also choose your phone number.
  • Additional Features. If you need more from your business phone service, Frontier can provide it. Automatic call transfers, call returns, and busy redials can help you provide outstanding service that builds lasting customer relationships.
  • Phone Service That Scales with Your Business. Additional phone lines help you meet higher call volume. Toll-free plans can enhance sales.

iconAccount Features

Streamlined account services let you focus on what matters:

  • 24/7 Business-Class Tech Support. Whether you’re having a problem with your service or just have a question, our tech support helps you minimize downtime and get back to work quickly.
  • US-Based Customer Service. Frontier has local teams set up across the US that include sales and service technicians, Wi-Fi technicians, and installers who can give you the service you need.
  • Multiservice Savings. Managing a business is expensive, but your business services don’t have to be. Bundle business internet and phone to save both time and money. The more services you add, the more you save—add TV or Frontier Secure for even more savings with no hidden fees.

Why Choose Frontier Business Phone and Internet?

Because dependable service should be a given.

Frontier’s integrated business solutions offer the services you want with the dependability you need. Frontier internet service has 99.9% uptime and is backed by 24/7 customer service and technical support, so you don’t have to worry about whether your business is up and running. Convenient features such as the Frontier Portal allow for easy access to your email and apps. And affordable pricing and low fees mean you don’t have to sacrifice your bottom line to get it—Frontier pricing starts lower than competitors like MetroCast Business.

Advanced Products

Frontier's advanced business products can help simplify data networking, resolve security issues, and more.


Complex data networks for a high volume of users. Frontier Ethernet is certified MEF CE 2.0.

Data Private Line

Secure, private business internet with speeds as fast as 45Mbps and no shared connectivity.


Virtual networks that support location-to-location connectivity and protect private data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier require a contract?

Frontier Business packages do come with a service agreement. Most packages require a one-year contract. The benefit of an annual contract is that your price is locked in for the length of the term, so you don’t have to worry about price hikes. This also means there is an early termination fee for canceling service while under contract. These fees are based on the length of time remaining in your service agreement.

What additional fees are there for Frontier Business service?

Depending on the package you choose and the terms of your offer, you may be charged installation fees, activation fees, or both. These fees vary with the type of service installed and the amount of hardware and installation work required.

What types of phone service does Frontier offer? Which one is right for my business?

Frontier Business offers several types of business telephone services from small businesses:

  • Multiline Phone Service. The most basic type of phone system, a multiline system operates by running multiple phone lines through a single handset. These systems are fairly basic but can be a good fit for very small businesses that don’t need tons of advanced features. Adding a lot of features to multiline setups can get expensive.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service. VoIP phones operate via an internet connection—no phone line required. As a result, business VoIP systems tend to be very cost-effective and easy to scale. Business VoIP service often comes standard with cloud-based features and can even send multimedia info over the same line, allowing for video conferencing. This can be handy for businesses trying to unify communication. Small organizations or home-based businesses may go with residential types of VoIP providers, like Ooma Office and Vonage. A comprehensive VoIP setup like Frontier AnyWare gives small businesses advanced features at a lower cost then you might expect.

Medium-sized businesses may be better off with a host PBX or VoIP system, both for the advanced features and the ability to scale more easily. Cloud-based phone systems are exactly that—phone systems hosted in the cloud, rather than on-site. Sometimes called IP PBX or hosted PBX, these systems combine the benefits of PBX and VoIP setups. The advantage is that you don’t have to install and maintain infrastructure on your premises.

What type of Internet Service Provider is Frontier?

Much of the Frontier Business coverage area uses a fiber-optic internet connection for its business broadband service. This fiber broadband allows us to offer high-speed internet access with reliable uptime and plenty of bandwidth. In other areas, we offer high-speed internet.

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Business Services

Add-ons for your business package

Frontier Secure

  • Award-winning computer protection*
  • Cloud data backup to protect important files
  • 24/7 premium technical support

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  • Hotspots for customers and guests
  • Secure connections for employees
  • Anchor tenants for extending coverage
  • Remote management and monitoring

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  • Customizable TV service for every business
  • Entertain customers in lobbies, waiting areas, and more
  • Help employees recharge by offering TV in breakrooms

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Ask About Frontier AnyWare

Frontier's new VoIP solution will host your phone and collaboration tools in the cloud. Call today!

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