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Cisco MerakiNetwork Solutions

The Cisco Meraki cloud solution is designed from the ground up with cloud optimization technologies that are utilized by thousands of companies to manage a large volume of devices without having to deploy additional IT staff.

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What Cisco Meraki can do for your business

Cisco Meraki cloud based management solutions provide centralized control over both wireless and wired hardware minus the exorbitant costs and complexities commonly associated with controllers and management systems. The cloud based management system provides features that offer the latest technological innovations and centralized management to accommodate networks of all sizes.

With Cisco Meraki you get:

  • Improved visibility and control for an entire network using one centralized dashboard which also includes monitoring security and wireless switching devices
  • Rapid deployment of networking components using provisioning with zero touch
  • Capability to manage networks across multiple sites using network tools that are built into the centralized dashboard
  • User friendly network management interface
  • Network monitoring and alerts via automated processes
  • Intuitive search tools that allow network administrators to use a network tagging engine that allows for targeted setting searches by tag name
  • Configurable network administration tasks (by role) enabling easy auditing of change logs
  • Automatic updates that are delivered from the cloud
  • A cloud managment solution that's extremely secure and highly available, having met critical compliance standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

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Product Portfolio

  • Voice and Unified Communications
  • Telepresence
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Cloud-hosted Solutions

Thousands of customers worldwide—across all industries—have found success with Cisco-Meraki. With this 100 percent cloud-managed solution, you will enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Ability to manage entire networks from a single dashboard
  • Easy control of users, applications, and devices
  • Save money with no hardware or software to install and maintain
  • Network security with PCI and HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure
  • Scalable to networks of all sizes and to tens of thousands of devices

High Capacity

Cisco & Meraki access points are built from high-grade components and are carefully optimized for a seamless user experience, which means faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer calls to IT support.

Unmatched Visibility

The Cisco & Meraki dashboard provides deep, network-wide visibility, enabling smarter network management. It shows individual users and their applications and identifies iPads and other devices being used. Administrators are able to view client location, spectrum analysis, and other real-time metrics. With this important data, they can quickly create access control and usage policies that optimize user experience while maintaining network security. To learn more, download the Cisco Meraki Solution Brochure (PDF).


Case Studies

Milpitas USD supports Chromebooks, iPads, & more for 10,000 students

The flexibility of the Cisco Meraki network allows greater versatility in learning methods, as well as in physical space. Every space becomes a learning space!

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Peet's Coffee & Tea uses Cisco Meraki Wifi and CMX Location Analytics to Enhance Business Planning

Mission, TX

Cisco Meraki has the capability to detect trends and patterns using presence-based data to build powerful analysis tools, helping retailers learn about their customers.

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White Paper

Cloud Managed IT for Modern Organizations

This whitepaper discusses modern IT trends and explores how the Cisco Meraki portfolio of IT solutions work together to deliver a comprehensive, reliable, end-to-end IT solution for modern organizations

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