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Frontier® Connect – Cloud

Private cloud connections for secure, direct access from your business to leading Cloud Service Providers

You need access to cloud applications such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure for purposes of redundancy, offsite storage, agility and cost control. However, you don’t want to expose your business to the increased security risks and reduced reliability of the public Internet. The solution? Frontier Connect — Cloud, which leverages the breadth of Frontier’s Ethernet network and a partnership with Equinix to bring you private cloud connections that are highly secure, fast and reliable.

Frontier Ethernet customers (using EIA, E-LAN, EVPL, or E-Reach) can easily add Frontier Connect – Cloud to establish private cloud connections with an extensive list of major Cloud Service Providers. Connectivity occurs via private Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) from customers on the Frontier Ethernet network into a cloud exchange point-of-presence with Equinix.

Benefits of Frontier Connect – Cloud

Cloud Based


Cost Savings

Network Agility

  • Increased security - Our private cloud connections improve security by helping your business avoid exposure to Internet threats such as DDoS attacks.
  • Access to cost efficiencies of the cloud - Enables you to securely take advantage of the cloud’s shared infrastructure and pay-as-you-go pricing model and eliminate the high costs of maintaining and managing in-house data centers.
  • Improved performance - Service Level Agreement maintains access to cloud applications with reliable, high-performance Ethernet connectivity. In the event of an issue, redundant connections can divert traffic to maintain business continuity.
  • More convenient management - Provides a single network connection to access multiple Cloud Service Providers.

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