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Let Frontier Business customer service answer your questions about installation, your account, troubleshooting, and more

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Frontier Business Customer Support FAQs

How do I pay my bill?

We have several simple options you can choose from:

How can I check my order or ticket status?

Check your order status or check your ticket status.

What should I do if the power is out?

We’re here 24/7/365 to get you back up and running. Please check, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

How can I self-install my internet?

  • Install DSL filters on phones that prevent static if you do not have a DSL modem or wireless router.
  • Install Router or Gateway:
    • Plug your router or gateway power supply into an outlet.
    • Plug the Ethernet cable into the device and into your computer’s Ethernet port.
    • If you have a Westell 7500, Netgear 7550, SpeedStream 6520, or Se 567 Gateway, plug a DSL phone cable into a phone jack and the DSL port on the gateway.
  • Install DSL software on your computer

How can I access my voicemail via computer?

Non-Connecticut customers

Connecticut Customers

How do 911 calls work with Frontier AnyWare?

Customers will have a single DID providing location-based information to the E911 dispatch center. If you need more than one location (for instance, if you take your phone to a home office), you can purchase additional E911 numbers. Ensuring your location is updated in the 911 system can help your business in case of emergency.

Where can I access Frontier DISH® TV channel guides and manuals?

Keep your customers entertained in the waiting room and your employees happy in the breakroom, or bar/restaurant.

How does the Frontier Secure Equipment Protection program work?

This plan protects your TVs, computers, and phones that don’t have an extended warranty. Instead of a deductible, you pay an $89 service fee per claim, which you can make by calling us at 1.877.695.6361. We’ll mail or email you a prepaid shipping label to send your equipment for repair or replacement.

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