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Bandwidth and services for a staff of 20 to several hundred

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Medium & Enterprise Solutions

Frontier offers highly reliable broadband, video, and voice services for any company that needs more than a single router and analog phone line to get by—whether that company is a budding startup with 20 employees or a seasoned corporation opening its 20th location.

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Advanced Broadband Solutions

When you need internet access points on multiple floors, airtight network security, faster Wi-Fi for your growing staff and clientele, or all of the above, choose broadband services from Frontier. Powered by a network with 99.9% average uptime, Frontier broadband is highly reliable.

Voice & Phone

Get advanced calling capabilities with VoIP, a system that’s both more affordable and more efficient than traditional analog technology, and customize your phone package with a local or long-distance plan that matches your company’s typical call patterns.


Take your communications strategy to the next level with voice, data, and video equipment from leading manufacturers. Frontier’s partners design advanced, user-friendly hardware, often with companion software built to streamline voice and data traffic.

Cloud Services

Get plugged in to one of the fastest-growing business applications of the past decade to enjoy more bandwidth for complex data and voice networks, more storage for large data sets, more recovery options in case of emergencies, and more flexibility for future growth.


Save thousands in travel, cut project timelines dramatically, and still connect face-to-face with your clients through Frontier conferencing products. Frontier audio and web conferencing provide clear voice and video quality over a highly reliable connection.

Security & Support

Frontier’s network performs with 99.9% reliability, so you don’t need to worry about a downed connection—but Frontier goes the extra mile anyway. With Frontier’s award-winning security products, 24-hour tech support, and robust Help Center, you always have a safety net.

Device & Data Security

24/7 Technical Support

Help Center

Why Choose Frontier?

  • For the customized, turnkey communications and network services that keep your business running strong.
  • For the total reliability of our rock-solid technologies, including MEF 2.0 certified carrier-grade Ethernet solutions.
  • For the state-of-the-art network operations centers (NOCs) that proactively monitor your network.
  • For the dedicated client service advocates who make sure Frontier meets your most demanding enterprise needs.