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Frontier® ISDN PRI

Keep your office connected with digital network services for enterprise.

  • Scalable, affordable phone & data services
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure & technology
  • 24/7/365 tech support & network monitoring

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ISDN PRI Service

Optimize your phone & data with Frontier Business infrastructure.

Get ISDN PRI service from Frontier to scale or maintain your office phone and data capacities at an affordable price. With one D channel and 23 B channels offering 64kbps of data each, PRI trunk lines incorporate voice and data into one system, enabling advanced features that help you track calls better, transfer data reliably, and use less bandwidth. Worry less about dropped calls and lost data, and get back to business.

Frontier ISDN PRI Services at a Glance

Calling Features

  • Call-by-Call Service Selection
    Does not require separate channels for services like DID, DOD, WATS, or 800/877/888 numbers
  • Caller ID Number
    Provides caller ID on connected ISDN PRI & Centrex services or on 2+ ISDN PRI services belonging to one customer
  • Modified Redirecting Number
    Allows numbers of original caller & last redirected caller to be passed up the chain when a call is forwarded or redirected

Channel Features

  • Clear Channel Capability
    Allows you to transport 64 Kbps over PRI channels with no constraint on quantity or sequence of bits
  • D Channel Backup
    Backup automatically takes over for failed D channel in case of trouble—part of 23B+D channel backup arrangement
  • Non-facility Associated Signaling (NFAS)
    Allows D channel–signaling entity to assign calls to channels on more than one interface

Why Get Enterprise Phone Services from Frontier?

Frontier has cutting-edge infrastructure and strong partnerships with the industry's leading equipment manufacturers—in fact, we're Mitel's #1 partner in North America—but we offer even more than that. We also provide customer service and tech support that are locally based and available 24/7 every day of the year. With Frontier, you can count on total reliability from day one.


Read below to hear from some of our satisfied customers and get ideas for how Frontier's ISDN PRI service can help your business.

“The installations were well-planned and managed from start to finish. This resulted in minimal downtime—a very critical element when working with 911.”

— R. Scot Haug, Chief of Police, Post Falls PD

Read case study (PDF)

“They have been responsive to our requests and customization requirements and have been there to assist in the learning curve for our employees.”

— Amanda Ward, Academic Principal, Chemawa Indian School

Read case study (PDF)

“I like the one-stop shop. That's a big selling point for me.”

— Jeff "Sig" Siglin, Owner & Operator, North Cascades Dealership

Read case study (PDF)

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