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OnHub Features

Helps Eliminate Dead Zones

Includes 13 high-powered antennas that extend coverage over large areas.


Smart software optimizes speed & bandwidth by scanning environment and switching channels as needed.

Mobile App

Manage OnHub settings from the Google On app on your smartphone or tablet.

Prioritize a Device

Supports up to 100 devices at once and lets you prioritize bandwidth to a specific device.

Simple & Secure

Easy to use and maintain, with automatic security upgrades and Google verification for all software.

Selective Sharing

Create a separate guest network to protect sensitive information; share wireless devices across networks as needed.

Frontier & Google OnHub

Giving you faster, better wireless together

Frontier and Google OnHub are a match made in technological heaven. With the reliability of the Frontier network and the advanced features of the Google OnHub wireless router, you can expect a clearer, more consistent signal. To start using the OnHub router for your business, call 1.888.842.3116 today and schedule your Frontier installation.

OnHub at a Glance

See how fast & flexible your wireless can be

13 antennas
to extend coverage
Extends coverage over areas of up to 2,500 square feet
One router supports up to
100 devices simultaneously
Automatically optimizes your connection
Accommodate speeds up to
1.9Gbps (1,900Mbps)
OnHub: Setup so simple,
9-year-olds can do it
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Must subscribe to new business Internet service with two-year agreement. OnHub router charge of $7.50/mo. applies for initial 2-yr. term. Early termination fee equal to the remaining balance of the agreement applies. Also available to existing broadband customers at standard pricing Other terms and conditions apply. Frontier reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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