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The Potential of FiOS Small Business

How FiOS for business can boost performance in a small office

Increase Productivity

FiOS® business internet gives your employees more bandwidth to manage larger files and use energy-intensive programs like voice software, videoconferencing, and cloud backup. Tasks and projects can be finished faster and more seamlessly, giving you more time to focus on your customers.

Accommodate More Devices

Even with a small staff, you probably have a growing number of smart devices—like phones, tablets, wireless printers, and more—putting pressure on your signal. If you want the same speed and efficiency on all devices, FiOS small business internet is the connection to get.

Prepare for the Future

Bandwidth demand is high and getting higher. Luckily with FiOS business internet, it’s easy to add more speed when you need it (in some places, available speeds are already as fast as 500Mbps), and it’s also affordable to do so. Get FiOS for a connection that will sustain your business for years to come.

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Business FiOS Features

FiOS business internet is fast, reliable, and affordable. Here’s why.

Fiber-Optic Network ›

Thanks to a network that’s end-to-end fiber, Frontier business FiOS provides more speed and bandwidth for mission-critical systems like inventory, cash management, VoIP software, and more.

Symmetrical Speeds ›

If you regularly send data to partners or the cloud, your upload speed matters as much as your download speed. FiOS small business internet offers equal speeds so all (not half) of your internet traffic is fast.

99.9% Network Uptime ›

Small businesses can’t afford the time and money lost in an outage. Frontier has the solution: a network made of weather-resistant, glass fiber optics that are so reliable they enable 99.9% average uptime.

Priority Tech Support ›

Outages are rare, but Frontier doesn’t ignore the possibility. If you experience an outage, call our knowledgeable support staff—they’re available 24/7 to get the ball rolling on troubleshooting or repairs.

Professional On-Site Installation ›

When you order FiOS for business, expert technicians install your connection and make sure everything meets your expectations. Bonus: the installation fee is waived when you sign a two-year contract.

Price Guarantee ›

Avoid the price hikes of other providers. With FiOS business internet from Frontier, you pay the same rate for up to three years, guaranteed—and that applies even if you choose a no-contract option.

Customize FiOS for Business

Choose Your Speed

Most FiOS speeds for small business range from 40 to 150Mbps. Pick your speed based on the number of devices you use and how much of the cloud you use. Ask your representative for help choosing.

Bundle TV or Phone

Get more for your money when you add TV or phone. FiOS business phone and TV are delivered over the same reliable network as FiOS internet, and they can go a long way to help customers stay happy.

Get Static IPs

Make inter-office networking more efficient with static IPs. This enterprise-level feature helps network devices stay better connected and makes it easier for employees to get remote access.

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Business Services

Add-ons to complement your Internet service



  • Customizable TV plans for every business
  • Entertain customers in lobbies, waiting areas, and more


Frontier Secure

  • Award-winning computer protection
  • Cloud data backup to protect important files
  • 24/7 Premium Technical Support



  • Hotspots for customers & guests
  • Anchor tenants for extending coverage
  • Remote management & monitoring

Advanced Products

Solutions for businesses with complex needs

Data Private Line

Frontier's advanced business products can help simplify data networking, resolve security issues, and more.

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