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"Product and Pricing Offers for Tampa Businesses

SmartVoice + FiOS 100M

per month for 12 months with minimum one-year agreement. Installation, Business High-Speed Internet Fee ($5.99/mo.), taxes and other fees apply. Subject to availability.

Maximum speed as fast as 100 Mbps

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SmartVoice + FiOS 500M

per month for 12 months with minimum one-year agreement. Installation, Business High-Speed Internet Fee ($5.99/mo.), taxes and other fees apply. Subject to availability.

Maximum speed as fast as 500/500 Mbps

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SmartVoice + FiOS Gig Service

per month for 12 months with minimum one-year agreement. Installation, Business High-Speed Internet Fee ($5.99/mo.), taxes and other fees apply. Subject to availability.

Maximum speed as fast as 940/880

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Frontier Creates Better Connectivity in Tampa

After acquiring fiber lines in the region, Frontier hasn’t stopped providing a full range of communication and connectivity services to the residents of Tampa, Florida. Because Frontier is one of the newest providers for business internet and phone in the area, customers have gained access to the latest technology. And with all of the growth that Tampa is experiencing, Frontier makes it possible for new and existing companies to stay ahead of the curve. Add in the professional customer service, and it’s easy to see why Frontier is the better choice for business communication internet and other communication technologies in your part of town.

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Help Your Business Communications Run Smoothly

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Why You Should Get Frontier in Tampa, Florida

Stay Connected in Tampa with the Latest Business Phone Technology

Tampa Bay leads the state in job creation, meaning your company is probably growing and changing. In fact, Florida as a whole was ranked as the 6th best state to start a small business, meaning that competition is growing as well. Get the business phone plan that easily grows and changes with your needs. Frontier can give you just that with a variety of plans and features to match your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Choose from a range of features including call waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID, call forwarding, with perks like unlimited calling and zero fees. You’ll also have the option to have business phone plans like OneVoice Local, for unlimited local calling or select the OneVoice Nationwide to stay connected to partners and clients across the US. Whether you need to make a call to St. Petersburg across Tampa Bay or call a city across the country, you can count on the connection that Frontier offers.

FiOS Business Internet Solutions for All of Tampa Bay

As a business owner in Tampa you know that economic and job growth is on the rise. And since Tampa ranked as one of the top 10 cities in the US to work in technology, it’s likely that customers will expect your company to be up-to-date and competitive in a fast-paced business world.

Stay ahead of the competition with FiOS® internet for business. Tampa may have been ranked as the most stressful city but that doesn’t mean that your internet connection needs to be a cause of stress. And with Frontier, it won’t be. Choose the high-speed internet package that works best to keep daily operations moving. FiOS Internet speeds range from 25 Mbps to 500 Mbps, so you can find the right fit for your small restaurant downtown, or your fortune 500 company.

Frontier provides a completely fiber network for lightning-fast speeds and a secure connection. When it comes to having a connection you know you can count on, getting business internet from Frontier is a sure bet.

Tampa Bay is leading the state in job creation with 40,000 annually for several years running.

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Business is a Top Career Path in Tampa

With many occupations centered in management, business, science, and the arts, Business, Science, and the Arts, it’s no wonder that Tampa’s projected job growth is so high. Over 40% of the job field in Tampa is covered by that list of jobs.Tampa also boasts an unemployment rate of only 4.5%. But if those statistics weren’t enough to interest you, the culture of Tampa might. Besides being a growing city, Tampa has a vibrant past, known as Cigar City for it’s history of cigar making in Ybor. The nightlife and array of locally owned restaurants make for an excellent city to call home and find job opportunities.

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Getting the Connection You Want in Tampa is Getting Easier

Tampa has been named one of the best big cities in the U.S. to live in and is a thriving center of culture and business. That’s why it’s important for Tampa residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs to be able to stay connected. With renewed efforts to expand and provide infrastructure, broadband availability has grown in the state of Florida. Florida has made a point of building out the infrastructure in order to provide connectivity all over the state, and specifically in Tampa, 98% of the city is able to get online. And statewide, residents are able to get an average speed of 12 Mbps.

There’s no need to keep asking yourself, “what business internet providers are in my area?” Frontier is proud to be one of the communications providers in Tampa that are making it easier for all members of the community from Ybor to Clearwater to have the business internet and phone services they need.

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Leading the Way in Job Creation in Florida

It’s well known that Tampa is an aesthetically pleasing locale, with the bay averaging a beautiful depth of 12 feet. A lesser known fact is that Tampa is a great place to be in business because the city whose name means “sticks of fire” is also leading the state in job creation. For the last several years, the numbers have Tampa paving the way for new jobs, decreasing unemployment rates from a high of 9% to as low as 4.6%.

Did you know?

34.8% of the Tampa population have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Top Industries in Tampa, FL

Due to large amounts of phosphorus found near Tampa bay, some of the city’s first industries were mining and shipping. Today, the modern Tampa economy has dramatically changed and consists of these top four industries:

  • Educational Services
  • Professional & Business Services
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Retail Trade
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