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Business Internet Service by Frontier

Frontier Business is a reliable business internet service provider backed by 24/7 Business Class tech support.

Maximum speed as fast as 7Mbps
  • Best for frequent email use
    and file transfers
/mo with minimum one-year agreement
Maximum speed as fast as 15Mbps
  • Best for multiple employees, frequent email & large file transfers
  • Ideal for business and point of sale applications
/mo with minimum one-year agreement
Maximum speed as fast as 20Mbps
  • Frequent sharing of high-bandwidth files
  • Seamless video conferencing
  • Ideal for business and point of sale applications
/mo with minimum one-year agreement
Maximum speed as fast as 40Mbps
  • Best for multiple employees and
    online-based businesses
  • Supports video conferencing
  • Ideal for business and
    point of sale applications
/mo with minimum one-year agreement

Ask About Packages! Save up to $49/mo When You Add Phone

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Bundle internet & phone

and Get more

Get fast Internet speeds and two phone lines:

  • Get fast Internet speeds plus phone line
  • Includes voicemail, unlimited nationwide calling and essential calling features
  • Add additional lines for a great low price
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Why Choose Frontier?

small business internet service

Because dependable Internet for business should be a given.

Frontier offers a business Internet service with reliable uptime, round-the-clock tech support, and other features that allow your business to run smoothly every day.

Business Internet Service Features

Price Guaranteed up to 3 Years

We'll keep your price the same for the length of your term.

Highly reliable network

Count on a constant connection for your small business internet service.

Dedicated Line

Your dedicated line guarantees stable, high speeds all day instead of forcing you to compete for cable bandwidth.

24/7 Business Class Tech Support Included

Get help from a U.S.-based tech agent any time of day. Internet for small business should be easy.

Wireless Networking

Capability that allows you to easily network several computers to one broadband connection safely and securely.

8 Email Accounts Included

8 Email boxes (1 main - 7 subs); 1TB of storage with Frontier Yahoo Mail; that?s 1000 GBs for emails and attachments, and percent of use can be viewed at any time.

Static IPs Available

Static IPs provide the reliability of a constant address, important if your company uses an information server (like email), VPN or VoIP, or hosts websites

Professional On-Site Installation Available

Schedule a skilled technician to install your services at a time that is convenient for you.

Business Services

Add-ons to meet specific IT needs


Frontier Secure

  • Award-winning computer protection
  • Cloud data backup to protect important files
  • 24/7 Premium Technical Support



  • Entertain customers in lobbies, waiting areas, and more
  • TV plans available to meet every business



  • Welcome guests to your business
  • Market your services and grow your revenue
  • Choose from coverage options from single rooms to multiple buildings
  • Your service is monitored, and you and your guests receive support, 24X7 by our experienced technical staff
Starting at $37.99/mo Learn More

Advanced Products

Streamlined solutions for complex needs

Data Private Line

Frontier's advanced business products can help simplify data networking, resolve security issues, and more.
Services vary by location.

See Advanced Products

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