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Internet for Schools by Frontier

Keeping your schools & students ahead of the curve in an evolving industry. Using the Internet for schools is essential to staying ahead in today's environment.

The Education Industry

Technology has drastically altered the way we teach, learn, and communicate. Chalk boards and three-ring binders have been replaced by computers, tablets, and digital presentations. Internet for schools has become an essential element of learning. Even standard textbooks have progressed, incorporating interactive technologies to keep students engaged. Setting up the infrastructure required for these advanced learning environments and finding ongoing technical support for it all can be quite the challenge–and that's why we're here.

Internet for Schools

Giving you more of what you need to teach, motivate, and connect

What does it take to keep your institution at the head of the class? Frontier provides communications solutions designed keep up with the fast-paced nature of today's schools—all backed by a local service-and-support team. Get a school Internet service that's right for you.

Why Frontier?

Frontier delivers cutting-edge technological solutions designed to help administrators, IT management, and staff keep students and teachers connected in a way that caters to the needs of different learners and increases productivity. These solutions include video conferencing, Managed Wi-Fi services, Ethernet, Internet for schools, and school phone systems. Plus, with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, E-Rate discount program, and 24/7/365 customer service, you will have everything you need to foster a superior classroom experience in a tech-driven world.

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K–12 Education

We deliver high-speed connectivity that provides Internet access for all students & teachers, & allows you to incorporate advanced telecommunication technologies into your core curriculum.

Higher Education

Our Managed Wi-Fi solutions were developed to provide Internet connectivity throughout campus, expanding opportunities for improved communication, collaboration & learning.

E-Rate Discount

Receive a 20–90 percent discount on products & solutions that are reliable, scalable & designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing network infrastructure. Learn More

Frontier Services for Education

School Internet Service

High-bandwidth Internet access will keep students and teachers connected and up-to-date on schedules, assignments, and current events.

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Boosts current bandwidth to provide unparalleled connectivity for school-to-school communications throughout your district.

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Managed Wi-Fi

Facilitates the use of e-learning, telepresence, and SMART Boards in classrooms. Also allows facilities managers to monitor crucial operations including climate control and sprinkler systems from anywhere on campus.

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Communications Equipment

We provide industry-leading equipment from world-class manufacturers like Mitel, Avaya, ADTRAN, and Cisco; all equipment is supported end-to-end by Frontier.

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VoIP Phones for Schools

Get fast, reliable, high-performance voice-and-data transport through one economical connection.

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Managed IP VPN

We offer a simple, reliable Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Network (VPN) designed to support branch-to-branch connectivity and protect sensitive information.

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Case Studies

Northwestern Community Unit School District No. 2 Chooses Frontier Ethernet to Meet Increasing Bandwidth Needs

Frontier upgraded Northwestern's bandwidth to support their one-to-one technological initiative, implemented to foster learning and increase engagement between teachers and students.

Frontier exceeded expectations with its fiber technology and professional service, which helped ease educational challenges for schools throughout Berkeley County.

Berkeley County Schools Count on the Speed and Dependability of Frontier's Commercial Ethernet

Berkeley, WV

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Communications Technology Trends in Higher Education

Read our White Paper to learn more about how advanced communication technology can serve your students, teachers, and institution as a whole.

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