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Frontier® Solutions for Government and Government Phone Systems

Customized services for state & local government agencies, including government phone systems and Internet solutions.

Solutions for State & Local Governments

State and local governments and public safety organizations face unique everyday challenges as they strive to provide top-notch services on tight budgets. Many struggle with outdated technology and budget shortfalls. Frontier understands these challenges and offers cost-effective solutions to upgrade aging government phone systems, enhance E9-1-1 services in communities, expand Wi-Fi coverage in public places, and much more. We are committed to helping government organizations save time and money while providing the highest quality of service to their citizens. Frontier can help your organization accomplish the following goals:

iconIncrease Efficiency

Frontier Ethernet Solutions can help your government organization become more efficient, which will better serve citizens and employees. Our reliable Internet service with 99.9 percent average uptime will also ensure that you won't experience service outages.

iconSave Taxpayer Dollars

With Frontier's full portfolio of Internet and voice services from Wi-Fi routers, phones, PBXs, and more, you don't have to use multiple vendors to get the job done. This lowers costs and decreases turnaround time, and we can bundle services to help you save even more.

iconGain Visibility

Frontier can help increase your visibility among citizens and other government organizations. Our Engineering and Technical Support team can help you create the infrastructure your citizens need to access data and applications—they can stop standing in line and get online with Frontier.

Why Do Government Agencies Choose Frontier?

Government organizations depend on Frontier to help them stay connected to their employees and the citizens they serve. Frontier offers advanced telecommunications and data solutions that can help organizations lower costs, streamline processes, and expand connectivity. When you partner with Frontier:

  • You'll get the best resources available with local subject matter experts (SMEs) who are available to provide you assistance
  • We provide the network, equipment, managed services, and purchase/lease options to meet your agency's needs, as well as your budget
  • You'll benefit from thorough explanations and demonstrations about how our products and services work to support your technology needs
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Products & Solutions for Businesses

Public Safety

Frontier's Public Safety product portfolio includes the following:

  • Frontier-Hosted and Customer-Hosted Next Generation 9-1-1 Call Handling Systems
  • Next Gen 9-1-1 Internet Protocol (IP) Selective Routing and Network Solutions
  • Text TO/FROM 9-1-1
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Solutions
  • 9-1-1 Data Validation Software

Frontier also provides network services to over 600 public safety answering points (PSAPs) spread across 25 states. These network services enable PSAPs to automatically identify a caller's telephone number and location so responders can quickly reach those who require immediate emergency services.


Managed Wi-Fi

Frontier Managed Wi-Fi is an economical solution that enables efficiency and increased productivity in a variety of governmental facilities: libraries, airports, parks, parking lots, police and fire stations, public work departments, and courthouses. Coverage can be tailored to fit your agency's needs—indoor or outdoor connectivity, from a single room to multiple buildings—and is monitored and managed remotely by Frontier technicians. Managed Wi-Fi enables video surveillance, automatic meter reading, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


Frontier offers a simple, reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) at an affordable price, giving your employees and citizens access to digital resources over a secure IP connection. This solution is designed to support connectivity and protect your facility's sensitive data.


Frontier's commercial Ethernet services and staff recently achieved a MEF 2.0 Certification, the highest industry-standard for carrier data services. These services are provided with robust operational and performance guarantees at competitive pricing and comprehensive life cycle support. Frontier's Ethernet offering is provided over carrier grade Advanced Fiber networks and integrated over a coast-to-coast data backbone.

Business High-Speed Internet

Frontier's dedicated, private, lightning-fast Internet can be built to support the specific needs of government organizations. With speeds as fast as 10GigE and 99.9 percent average uptime, you'll be able to maximize productivity and save taxpayer dollars.

Web & Audio Conferencing

Frontier Web and Audio Conferencing enables you to reduce travel expenses while staying connected to citizens, private contractors, and other government agencies. With Conferencing, you can conduct meetings on-demand, training sessions, and more.


Frontier's VoIP technology can help governmental facilities maximize productivity and reduce costs by routing voice calls over IP networks. VoIP phone systems can be configured to simultaneously ring on multiple devices, which can accelerate the delivery of time-sensitive information. With voice and data together on the same network, you'll save on local and long distance calling.

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A high percentage of consumers indicate that texting is their preferred means of communication. Frontier Texting for government is an ideal solution for improving communications with constituents, as well as between local and state government agencies and employees. Disseminate important information via group texting, preserving the privacy of the individual and their mobile number.

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Case Studies

Frontier Partners with Rochester International Airport to Provide Free Wi-Fi

Rochester, NY

Frontier is helping people at the Rochester International Airport stay connected with Wi-Fi. From baggage claim to check-in counters to gate areas, any traveler, visitor, or airport employee can work or play online—and it's all free.

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Frontier Upgrades 9-1-1 Emergency Service in Arizona

Mohave County, AZ

Frontier installed state-of-the-art equipment at four 9-1-1 centers in Mohave County, Arizona. The upgrades allow for additional functionality and capabilities including the ability to handle wireless 9-1-1 calls more effectively.

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How Technology Helps State & Local Governments Meet Key Challenges

Read our White Paper to learn more about how advanced communication technology can help you overcome the technology challenges government agencies face.

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