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Frontier's Cloud & Web-Hosting Solutions

Giving you the tools you need to establish, maintain, & maximize your online presence.

The Benefits of Cloud & Web Hosting

Cloud computing is one of the driving forces in business innovation. With the right service (backed by the right level of expertise), businesses all over the country can use cloud-based and hosting services to boost revenue, cut costs, and support expansion. The challenge isn't determining whether or not cloud-and-web hosting is a necessity (it is), but finding a service provider you can trust to help you better connect with clients, employees, and potential customers—and that's where we come in.

Cloud & Web Hosting for Emergencies

Because 50% of small businesses take three months to reopen after disaster.

The cloud isn't just convenient for everyday use—it can also be a virtual lifesaver in the case of a crisis. Watch this video to learn about common tech disasters and explore how cloud services and web hosting can help you meet a crisis head-on.

Frontier's Cloud & Web-Hosting Services

Web Development & Hosting

Scalable, reliable, and accessible, our web-development services will keep you one step ahead of the competition and help you maximize your online presence with a complete line of features: guaranteed uptime, enhanced email, and increased storage capacity.

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Hosted VoIP

Frontier's VoIP technology can help your organization maximize productivity and reduce costs by routing voice calls over IP networks. Our Hosted VoIP phone system is managed and maintained remotely, requiring a low up-front investment.

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Managed IT Services

We offer a wide range of Managed Information Technology services designed to improve security and help you focus on growth and expansion. These services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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Data Backup & Recovery

Your business is always at risk for accidental data loss caused by hardware failures and corruption. That's why we provide a recovery solution that is compliant with both FIPS and HIPAA standards and regulations.

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