Managed Wi-Fi for Business

Attract customers, keep employees mobile, and protect your private data with Wi-Fi for business.

  • Wireless internet for customers and guests
  • Scalable coverage from single rooms to multiple buildings
  • Remote management and monitoring
  • Powerful security features

Managed Wi-Fi

Give your visitors a reason to come back.

With managed Wi-Fi from Frontier®, you can give customers internet access while they're dining, shopping, or waiting for service. Wi-Fi services from Frontier always remain separate from your company's wireless networks, so your private data stays secure and protected.

What Is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi networks are wireless networks operated by a third party. The operator not only provides the equipment and internet access but also monitors and administers the network.

Many small businesses just don’t have the staff or time to deal with the maintenance and other tasks that come with providing wireless internet access. Managed wireless access frees up your staff’s time so they can worry about more relevant business matters, like providing great customer service or delivering an amazing product.

Why Choose Managed Wi-Fi from Frontier?

When you choose managed Wi-Fi from Frontier, you get the benefits of having the same company running the network and managing your business’s wireless access points. Since we are an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we know the network inside and out, and we bring that expertise to managing your small business’s wireless network as well.

Why Does My Business Need a Wi-Fi Network?

Give employees the tools they need

Employees can benefit significantly from the freedom of high-speed wireless technology. Whether they need to connect during a meeting in the conference room, set up in a co-worker’s office to collaborate, or change scenery to get the creative juices flowing, having the ability to move their workstations to new locations and still have internet access is important. With wireless communication being as prominent as it is, the ability to work from mobile devices can be a huge boost for productivity.

Additionally, open floor plans are quickly becoming the norm in offices rather than the exception, with over 70% of US offices having an open floor plan that supports a wireless LAN, or local area network. Having a reliable, fast internet connection is essential to support an open office structure.

Give customers the service they deserve

In the connected world we live in, where people carry mobile devices everywhere, customers and guests need consistent, fast, and secure wireless access. Many people may even decide if they’ll return to a business or not based on whether it offers free Wi-Fi—especially if it’s a business where waiting is involved.

A Wi-Fi hotspot can also provide an opportunity for additional wireless advertising and upselling for your business. With a custom splash page or login form, you can present your brand, client site, and additional offers to customers. If you require an email capture for guests to get on the network, you can gain additional opportunities for contact and marketing down the road.

Managed Wi-Fi for business gives your customers everything they expect from a Wi-Fi network while keeping wireless security a priority.

Wi-Fi for Business Features

iconManagement & Monitoring Included

Our technicians remotely manage each hotspot & monitor performance, freeing up your employees to focus on serving customers.

Time is money, especially for small businesses. With managed Wi-Fi for Business, Frontier maintains your wireless network and access points so you can focus on doing what you do best. Since we’re also the Internet Service Provider (ISP), we know the network inside and out. Whether you choose a dynamic or static IP address for accessibility, we can help keep it ready and waiting for customers.

iconCustomizable Splash Page Included

With our easy-to-use interface, you can create a unique entry page to advertise services & welcome guests to your business.

A splash page personalized for your business is a great way to gain more interaction with your customers and let them know about your online presence and special offers.

icon24/7 Customer Service and Tech Support Included

Even your visitors have access to our 24/7 support line, giving them more control over their user experience and reducing demand on your staff.

Sometimes things go wrong. We get it. That’s why Frontier proudly offers 24/7 technical support. And with managed Wi-Fi for Business, we extend that support to your customers too. It’s just another way Frontier always has your back.

Secure Wi-Fi for Business

Security is everything these days. You need to keep your sensitive business data secure, and if you’re providing guest access for your customers, they need to feel like their private data will remain private. With Frontier, your data is in good hands, whether you’re using a company access point or a guest network to access the internet.

Get More Peace of Mind with Frontier Secure

Frontier Secure offers award-winning1 internet security solutions for small businesses. Whether you need antivirus monitoring and protection, security for internet-connected mobile devices, secure cloud storage, or premium tech support, Frontier Secure has a solution for you. Combined with managed Wi-Fi for business, Frontier Secure offers a powerful wireless security solution.

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Managed Wi-Fi For High Traffic Areas

Extend internet coverage over large areas and accommodate high traffic.

Frontier offers expert network design for large businesses and organizations with high bandwidth needs. Read the case study below to learn how Wi-Fi from Frontier helped Town Toyota Center provide ongoing internet access to thousands of employees, users, vendors, and patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment for my managed Wi-Fi service from Frontier?

Frontier will provide any equipment needed to enable internet access wireless access points in your business. This includes wireless routers, modems, and signal extenders.

Can I use my own wireless routers and other equipment to access the internet?

If you already have existing equipment you’d like to reuse, Frontier can build your network around it. For example, you can use an Apple AirPort Extreme with Frontier FiOS and with Frontier DSL. However, some equipment may not be compatible with all network configurations (for example, FiOS internet service may require special modems with built-in wireless routers or simultaneous dual-band routers). Be sure to mention any special equipment requirements you have when discussing your network with your Frontier representative.

What speeds are available with Managed Wi-Fi for Business from Frontier?

Frontier high-speed internet service is available in a variety of speeds to suit your business’s current needs and plans for future expansion. We recommend setting up your network and choosing a speed that takes future scaling into account—you don’t want to have to delay expansion because your network can’t keep up.

Frontier offers two types of business internet to power your networks: our standard business broadband internet and FiOS Business Internet. Business broadband speeds can reach up to 40 Mbps, while FiOS speeds can reach as high as 75 Mbps. Whichever type of internet connection you choose, you’ll get the same reliable service and 24/7 priority customer service and support.

Does managed Wi-Fi for business work with mobile devices?

Yes, our managed Wi-Fi service works with any computers, wireless cameras, or wireless devices your office might use. Employees can bring their own devices or use company-issued phones and computers. If it can connect to the internet, it can be used with our network.

Does Frontier Wi-Fi for business use the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band?

This depends primarily on your wireless router. Newer routers and network access points can use either band to connect to the internet. Some older equipment might only be compatible with the 2.4 GHz band.

Can my business choose the SSID for our network?

Yes, you can choose your own SSID for your access points. For maximum security, we recommend using an SSID that is not related to your password. This helps keep your wireless connection secure by making it tougher for potential hackers to guess their way in.

Are there data caps with Managed Wi-Fi for Business?

No, Frontier Wi-Fi for Business is an uncapped wireless service. We know how important reliable internet and Wi-Fi is for businesses, so you’re free to use as much as you need.

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Durham Bulls Partner with Frontier

Frontier's managed Wi-Fi solutions are in a league of their own

Baseball is about more than flawless pitching, grand slams, and the occasional late-inning heroics—it's about connection. That's why Frontier partnered with the Durham Bulls Baseball Club to elevate the gaming experience for fans.

Bundle TV or Phone with Frontier Wi-Fi for Business and Do More

Maximize your investment by bundling your services and getting the same 24/7 priority customer service and support for all of them.

Now that makes good business sense.


Power your wireless network with Frontier’s fast, reliable business broadband internet service. With download speeds of up to 40 Mbps, internet delays will be a thing of the past. And if you need even more bandwidth, step up to FiOS Business Internet for speeds up to 75 Mbps. Get more done with wireless broadband from Frontier.

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Business TV

Keep customers on-premises longer by offering TV service in your lobby or waiting area, or provide employees with entertainment during breaks, by adding TV to your breakroom or lounge.

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Business Phone

Communication is critical to doing business. Give your customers the service they deserve with powerful phone features from Frontier. Whether you need an enterprise-level system or a scalable and affordable VoIP setup that operates over the internet, Frontier has a phone solution for your business.

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Case Study

Frontier Helps Pave Way for Future Growth of Town Toyota Center

Wenatchee, WA — Frontier upgraded Town Toyota Center's commercial Wi-Fi network to accommodate high traffic at the venue, which hosts over 100 concerts, trade shows, and sporting events each year.

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