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Lightning-fast business fiber internet.
No strings attached.

Every plan includes: Free Installation + Wi-Fi Router + Waived Activation Fee

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$550+ value 

Business Secure Fiber 500

Ideal for emailing, POS systems and web browsing.

$54.98* 59.98
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$650+ value

Business Secure Fiber 1 Gig

Good for HD videos, cloud backups and sharing files.

$89.98* $94.98
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$850+ value

Business Secure Fiber 2 Gig

Great for sharing large files, live streaming and powering cloud applications.

$154.98* $159.98
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Business pricing without the funny business

Cable charges your business a lot more for the same internet speeds you get at home.  We don't think that's right.  With Frontier's Business Fiber Internet, you can get the same great speed at work without extra fees.


Waived activation Fee

Save up to $95 on activation. Get expert installation as soon as tomorrow.


no annual contract

Get connected with no strings attached. No data caps, hidden fees, or overage charges.


no router charges

Keep employees and customers connected with a next-gen Wi-Fi 6E router. Free of charge.

Faster connections.
Better business.

We know the challenges of running a small business and a slow connection can put a damper on business performance. We get it, a cable connection just won’t cut it. With Frontier Fiber, your business can look forward to:

  • Enhanced productivity and profitability
  • Secure connection for peace of mind
  • Business-grade internet without the premium cost

Gigabit America brings speed, reliability and flexibility to your business.

Look for Frontier Fiber in new neighborhoods across the country.

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Your business deserves quality connections and uninterrupted productivity. Push your business forward over Frontier's fiber network.