Business Fiber Internet

Buy online today and get up to $300.*

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Frontier Fiber Internet available in select areas.

Lightning-fast business fiber internet.
No strings attached.

Every plan includes: Wi-Fi Router + Buy online and save $95 on installation

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Business Fiber 500* *Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Ideal for emailing, POS systems and web browsing.

$69.99* 84.99*For first 12 months w/ Auto Pay.
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Business Fiber 1 Gig* *Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Good for HD videos, cloud backups and sharing files.

$94.99* $109.99*For first 12 months w/ Auto Pay.
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Business Fiber 2 Gig* *Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Great for sharing large files, live streaming and powering cloud applications.

$129.99* $144.99*For first 12 months w/ Auto Pay.
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Business pricing without the funny business

Expert installation

Save $95 on installation when you buy online. Get installation as soon as tomorrow.

No annual commitment

Get connected with no strings attached. No data caps, hidden fees, or overage charges.

No router charges

Keep employees and customers connected with a next-gen Wi-Fi 6E router. Free of charge.

Expert installation

Get connected from order to installation with our technical expert.

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Faster internet. Better business.

A slow internet connection can get in the way of taking your business to the next level. We can keep your business moving forward with up to 50X faster upload speeds and 11x faster downloads without a cable. Frontier business fiber internet includes:

  • 99.9% overall network reliability for uninterrupted productivity
  • Can add security products that protect against viruses and malware
  • Bundled internet packages available to drive further productivity and profitability to your business
  • Business grade internet without the premium cost

Next level internet for business.


Power productivity

up to 50x faster upload speed than cable for smooth livestreams and video conferences, real-time file sharing and backups


Improve performance

2.4x lower latency than the competition for high-quality calls, streaming and collaboration


Streamline operations

11x faster downloads than cable for virtually instant information sharing and administration

Fiber fast plus more.

Frontier | RingCentral

Cloud phone system that grows with your business. One app for video conferencing, phone calls, text, and fax.
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Secure Pro

Sleep better at night when your business is protected with multi-device security. 

Get back to business with fiber

Your business deserves quality connections and uninterrupted productivity. Push your business forward with Frontier business fiber internet.