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Frontier Internet Backup

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Learn more about why it’s critical to have an internet backup solution for your business

Why your business needs an internet backup solution

Maintaining connectivity and minimizing lost productivity are critical for today’s businesses.
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Businesses like yours rely on internet backup to stay operational

Seamless failover solution keeps critical business systems up and running during outages.
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What is internet backup and how does it work?

A secondary backup internet solution is designed to keep your business online seamlessly and automatically.
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Enhance your internet connection

Frontier Internet Backup automatically maintains your internet connection with wireless cellular connectivity during unexpected outages.


Internet safety net

Avoid lost sales and productivity. Choose Frontier Internet Backup for constant connectivity.

Support up to four devices

Ethernet ports allow for up to four critical internet-connected devices such as back office computers and payment processors to stay connected during an outage.

Cellular modem included

A cellular modem utilizes the strongest cellular signals in your specific area to keep your business connected.

Battery Backup Available*

Order Today And Get A FREE Backup Battery Providing Up To 8 Hours Of Connectivity Even During A Power Outage.

*A value of $150

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