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7 Creative Ways To Find Inspiration for Your Business Instagram

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As a small business owner, it’s easy for tasks like social media to fall to the bottom of your seemingly endless to-do list.

But the truth is, right now Instagram is key to brand building, driving traffic and boosting sales. And its influence and power are growing.

Luckily, you don’t have to devote hours of time each week to refreshing your Instagram presence or searching for content inspiration. Follow these seven tips to keep your company’s Instagram content fresh, valuable and on brand.

1. Think about what Instagram posts appeal to you

Of course, having your ideal client in mind is key to creating successful marketing campaigns. But when you’re feeling uninspired, start with what resonates first and foremost with you.

If you have a personal Instagram account, think about what content—on other business accounts, in particular—stands out to you. Is it the posts with high-quality photography? Cutting-edge graphics? Meme-worthy jokes? Helpful industry insights?

Once you have some idea about what speaks to you on the platform, you can use those types of posts for your own company’s account and see what your followers respond to.

2. Consider your goals

Ask yourself what you’re looking to accomplish with your Instagram account. Your answer could be any combination of these: grow your following, increase your reach, let your brand’s personality shine, provide another layer of credibility.

Your answer can also help you decide how frequently to post, as the more content you publish, the more likely you are to rack up the impressions and engagement.

3. Check out the Explore page

When you’re on the hunt for business Instagram ideas, one place to glean inspiration is from the app’s Explore tab. It’s a good way to see what the competition is up to.

Simply open the app, then touch the magnifying glass icon. The Explore page features photos, videos, shopping posts and other content related to your account and your interests, whether through the topics you post about or the content you interact with on the account. And if you feel like your Explore page isn’t on target, you can always change or reset it and start over to get better suggestions.

4. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes

After you’ve got a firm grasp on what appeals to you on Instagram, it’s time to factor in your audience. The good news: If you’ve already been posting for a while on this app, you’re ahead of the game.

You can analyze your existing posts by seeing which types have been most popular. If your account is set up as a business account versus a personal page (and it should be), you have access to extra analytics that will show you data insights such as:

  • How many accounts the post reached
  • How many accounts were followers vs. non-followers
  • The types of interactions your post received (comments, shares, saves)
  • Other activity, such as how many people navigated from your post to your profile

Once you know which posts your audience has liked or saved most in the past, you can work to create similar content moving forward.

5. Humanize your brand with behind-the-scenes snaps

Reminding followers there are people behind your company can boost credibility and brand loyalty and help foster connection. This is especially key now, with so much business continuing to take place virtually and online.

Posting behind-the-scenes content takes just seconds, rather than having to design a post. Did your team recently have a fun happy hour gathering? Was there an off-site volunteer day colleagues participated in? Did someone bring in their cute dog to the office?

This is the type of content that’s easy to create, feels genuine and highlights the people (and pets) that make things happen day to day.

6. Focus on providing value

No matter the kind of marketing you’re doing, providing value should always be at the core. Post about what you can do to solve someone’s problems or make their life easier.

With that in mind, if you’re lacking inspiration, think about how you can provide value. Got an industry-related pro tip you just discovered? Post about it! If you don’t have a designer in-house or who you work with on a contract basis, you can create simple-yet-professional graphics easily online—no art degree required (more on that below).

7. Leverage the tools at your disposal

When it comes to creating eye-catching Instagram posts, you can bring to life images, data, quotes and more with just a few fun design elements.

Sites like Canva, Visme and Stencil offer both free and paid versions of their graphic design programs. These services are easy to use and offer a ton of options for creating Instagram posts designed with your company’s chosen font and colors to keep things visually on brand.

With just a few clicks, a simple stat from a customer survey can become a shareable social media post.

While it’s helpful to keep your social media content fresh across platforms, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or have posting fall by the wayside. By knowing a few tried-and-true ways to find inspiration and put together a quick piece of Instagram content, you can keep your followers delighted with great posts, while saving you time for the rest of your business.

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