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Cloud Phone Systems for Small Business

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Today’s workplace no longer means commutes to the office, shop or store for everyone, every day. But a dispersed team doesn’t have to mean disconnected team members. With a cloud-based phone system, people can collaborate and stay productive from anywhere, easily and securely. And small businesses can thrive in our hybrid world.  

Work-from-anywhere isn’t free-for-all

The main hurdle with remote and hybrid teams is unequal setups. Whether it’s outdated tools, incompatible applications or gaps in security, the risks are a threat to productivity, workplace culture and cyber protection. Yet we rely on virtual connectivity for the day-to-day: 93% of companies agree online collaboration tools are essential for hybrid work environments. They keep us connected, but only if they play nice together. They give us flexibility and freedom, but they can add complexity, especially with nearly 75% of workers using two or more devices to switch between emails, calls and video conferencing.

So how can businesses reign in the range of platforms, applications and communication methods to simplify processes and strengthen relationships? How can owners and managers keep track of business, supervise teams, connect with customers and manage operations from afar?

Cloud-based phone: All-in-one voice, video and messaging

One thing’s for certain: For work-from-anywhere to succeed, employers must simplify ways to meet workers and customers where they are—not the other way around. That’s where a unified communication and collaboration solution like cloud-based phone comes in. It puts everyone on the same page everywhere, from anywhere.

Cloud-based phone is an all-in-one app for messaging, video and voice that consolidates communication into a single, secure platform. But not all solutions are the same. Here’s what to ask when choosing a provider and platform:

  • Do the communication tools make sense for your business? Do they integrate with your existing applications, like Google and Microsoft? Do they allow you to send faxes and texts through the app on your mobile phone? Are they what you need to grow your business?
  • Does the internet connection provide 99.9999% network reliability so your teams and customers can count on uninterrupted access?
  • Does the network provide industry-leading speeds for frustration-free file sharing, smooth HD videocalls and crystal-clear sound quality?
  • What security protections are built into the app?
  • Can you add bandwidth easily, without downtime, as your needs grow?
  • Can you flip from voice to video and route calls with ease? Phone calls are still important!
  • Can you keep your same business identity on every device, so your work number travels with you?
  • Can your business function seamlessly with features such as auto attendant, SMS, fax, and conferencing?
  • Can you monitor and troubleshoot in real time from anywhere?
  • Do you have access to dashboards and call analytics?
  • Is the platform easy to install and manage?

Run your business and stay connected with teams and customers everywhere. Work-from-anywhere requires ready-for-anything connections. Get started with Frontier + RingCentral.

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