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How Does Fiber Internet for Business Work?

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Fiber is the next step in the evolution of internet connectivity. But how does fiber internet work? And how can it benefit your business?

What is fiber internet for business?

Fiber internet is growing. That’s because connectivity providers are investing in rolling out fiber networks across the US. Just like broadband offered a different type of connectivity and speed over dial-up, fiber is set to be the fastest and most advanced connectivity yet, making it a good choice for businesses.

How does fiber internet for business work?

Fiber connectivity uses fiber optic cables instead of copper cables to transfer data from place to place. But unlike cable, fiber is more durable, offers faster speeds, and helps data travel longer distances.

This means it’s reliable for high-speed internet needs and connectivity-dependent business activities like voice calling, video conferencing, point-of-sale transactions, cloud applications, cloud server access, web hosting, and more.

Why use fiber internet for business vs. residential internet?

In addition to high speed options, fiber internet for business is designed specifically for businesses like yours, offering value-added services that you can add on, like security options and internet backup.

Residential internet, on the other hand, is focused on home users. This means that residential connectivity services won’t cater to businesses in terms of performance or customer support. It also may not offer the higher speeds businesses prefer. 

Fiber internet—the future of connectivity

Get next-gen connectivity with fiber internet. Consider how, when and why your business needs internet connectivity to decide if fiber internet makes sense for you.

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Can you go fiber-fast?

See what internet speeds are available in your area.

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