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How Secure Pro Protects Small Businesses

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While small businesses may have flown under hackers’ radars in the past, today small businesses are being increasingly targeted in cybersecurity attacks. 

That’s the only the bad news. Worse is that most small businesses aren’t financially ready for an attack. 

Costs for security breaches have increased by almost 13 percent across companies of all sizes, but a successful cyberattack on a small business could put it out of business. In fact, data breach costs reached an all-time high this year, making device security more important than ever. 

The good news? Secure pro can offer modern small businesses a straightforward solution.

What is Secure Pro?

Secure pro enables secure usage of any protected device anywhere. It blocks third parties from piggy-backing on secure connections to helping small businesses protect critical information from getting into the wrong hands. 

The Benefits of Frontier Secure Profor Small Businesses

There are five ways Frontier Secure Pro, our Secure pro solution, can help small businesses help thwart cyberattacks:

  1. Security enhancement – Adding device security increases a business’s overall security posture, reducing vulnerabilities. 
  2. Harmful website blocking – With the increase in malicious websites, Secure pro ensures employees can only access legitimate URLs. 
  3. Data loss prevention – Protecting against stolen data helps small businesses avoid lost IP and productivity. 
  4. Device protection – Securing devices against cyberattack helps extend the life of the device for significant cost savings.

Multiple Device Security Costs vs. Cyber Attack Costs

It’s no surprise that cyberattacks—and their costs—are on the rise. During the global shutdown cybercrime increased 31% in a single year with costs of $3.1 million per breach. So, how much does a cyberattack cost small businesses today?

What Does Frontier Secure Pro Include? 

Frontier Secure Pro safeguards business devices from cyberattack, keeping your data safe wherever employees access information. 

  • Protect multiple PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices from malware and viruses
  • Manage security settings with an easy-to-use web-based management console
  • Safeguard internet usage so you can bank and shop online securely 
  • Store, access, and protect business-critical information—and even personal data—on any device 

Frontier Secure Pro FAQs

What are the requirements to use Frontier Secure Pro?

Frontier Secure Pro works on any Android device running version 4.0 or higher or iOS device running version 6 or higher. PCs must run either Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 Service Pack. Macs require OS X (version 10.11 and above). Learn more here

How do I install Frontier Secure Pro?

Remove any existing anti-virus security products. Login to the Frontier Secure Pro Portal with the username and temporary password sent to you via email when you first ordered the product. Click “Add Device” button beneath your username. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the directions to complete installation. Learn more here

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