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Run Your Business Security Cameras on Fiber Internet

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When you rely on digital surveillance cameras to monitor your business, you’ll want to rely on a fiber internet connection. You’re sending a lot of data over an extended period of time. In fact, you never turn it off. Fiber gives you the bandwidth you need to upload footage from your video surveillance system to a central server. And you can count on a fiber signal to send you security notifications when motion detection or other systems indicate something unusual may be happening.

What’s behind your security system?

When you choose your system, you’ll explore vendors with discreet cameras that rely on your business internet and Wi-Fi connection to upload footage of your premises to a central cloud server, usually provided by the camera manufacturer. You’ll be able to see in real time exactly what’s happening by way of your interior or exterior security cameras, then be able to quickly access and review footage later if you need to assess any suspicious activity.

This cloud-based service gives you the capability to connect to your footage via a website or smartphone app. Storing information in the cloud also means you don’t have to worry about maintaining tapes or hard drives yourself and ensures that thieves can’t destroy an onsite record of what they’ve done if they break into your business.

Many cloud-based systems can send you notifications when something happens, like if a motion sensor is triggered by unexpected movements in your facilities while your business is closed. Often you can configure such options using a menu in the camera software.

Different cameras designed for small businesses have different features, including color night vision, zoom capability, audio sensitivity and onsite storage. Shop around to find a camera that meets your needs in terms of giving you peace of mind, filling the requirements of any insurance discounts you want to claim and protecting the privacy of you, your employees and your customers.

4 advantages of a fiber connection for your security cameras

1. Faster speeds for your Wi-Fi

Your system will most likely run on Wi-Fi connections. Wireless rather than wired connections can be faster to install and give you the advantage of flexibility if you decide to change your camera placement to more effective locations on your premises.

Fiber technology transmits data as pulses of light, making your data delivery much faster than cable. Clearly, you want fast data—without lags—when it comes to that all-important security monitoring. Whether wired or through Wi-Fi, fiber will deliver.

2. Uploads as fast as downloads

If you don’t have reliable internet service at your business, the camera system may be able to store some video footage locally, but it generally won’t be able to upload this data to the remote central server you’re paying for in real time. What’s more, you want the monitoring information to reach you quickly. Without fiber, you could be limited in your use of the features of your cloud platform.

A fiber connection lets you transmit a steady stream of video to your cloud provider from your cameras, making sure you don’t end up with a blurry image or video dropped because of slow upload speeds.

3. Reliability in bad weather

If there’s a major weather condition—from a hurricane to a flood to a blizzard—fiber’s higher reliability can be critical. Fiber is not affected by weather the way traditional copper internet is. It won’t fail during a power outage, it can withstand temperature fluctuations, it’s not affected by water or flooding. You can feel confident that you can monitor situations where there might be heightened risks, such as during a severe storm.

4. Works with any system—now and in the future

If you install a state-of-the-art video surveillance system today, it’s likely technology will improve through the next few years, and you’ll want to upgrade. Fiber is ready for any changes that come along.

Frontier Fiber is reliable, fast, always on

This is the time to make the right connection—to the equipment you need and to the internet service that makes sure your security system performs the way you want it to. Frontier Fiber is the technology you can count on. Ready for Frontier Fiber? Check here to see when Frontier Fiber is available at your address.

Can you go fiber-fast?

See what internet speeds are available in your area.

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