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What is Internet Backup?

wireless internet backup

When you rely on internet connectivity for business-critical operations, an internet outage can take productivity, sales, and even earnings with it. That’s why many businesses build an internet backup solution into their IT infrastructure.

What is internet backup?

Internet backup provides wireless backup internet connectivity in the event of an unexpected internet outage. This means business can continue while your primary connectivity service is restored. Common reasons your primary connectivity could go down include:

  • A local loss of power or failure of connectivity-related equipment
  • A network issue encountered by your internet service provider (ISP)
  • A natural disaster or severe weather
  • Infrastructure issues (like trees falling on wires)

How does wireless backup work?

When your primary connectivity encounters an issue, wireless internet backup acts as an “internet failover,” stepping in to provide secondary connectivity as long as it’s needed. But even when your primary connectivity is working, wireless backup provides confidence that your business can withstand an internet interruption by delivering built-in redundancy.

When choosing an internet backup solution, there are several types to choose from based on the connectivity it delivers. This includes local fiber service, DSL/broadband, satellite, 4G LTE (cellular), and more.

Our technical experts recommend choosing a backup solution that differs from your primary connectivity so if there is an issue with that connectivity type, your backup solution can deliver something different. For instance, if you have fiber connectivity and there’s a wide-spread fiber issue for your ISP, having an internet backup helps ensure you can circumvent that issue.

What types of businesses benefit from internet backup?

Businesses of any size can benefit from internet backup, but the businesses that benefit the most are those that:

  • Rely on connectivity for business-critical operations (such as point-of-sale transactions or VoIP phone systems)
  • Need to access remote data systems and servers
  • Utilize mobile devices more frequently (versus wired or desktop devices)
  • Have remote or traveling employees and/or on-location guests that require wireless access
  • Use cloud-based applications or storage daily

Work more securely with internet backup

Internet backup ensures that if your doors are open for business, so is your internet connectivity. And even when your primary connectivity is working, wireless internet backup ensures you have peace of mind.

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