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We’re all about customized, personal service. So naturally, we prefer to grow our customer base through people we trust and respect, like you. And when your referral becomes a customer, you’ll earn a reward equal to one month of the service revenue you generated with your referral, up to $10,000*.

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Reap the rewards of
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Reap the rewards of your referrals

Do you know a business that could use reliable internet and phone service? If so, follow the 4 easy steps below and start earning:

  1. Submit your referral

    Submit the forms to make a referral and be on your way to earning up to $10,000.

  2. Relax, we keep it simple, no pressure

    After we receive your submission, one of our representatives will contact your referral to offer a free consultation at their convenience.

  3. Stay tuned for timely updates

    Watch your email for updates.

  4. Watch for your reward

    You will receive a reward (gift card for rewards up to $400; check for rewards over $400) for each referral who signs an agreement for a Frontier Business product or service.*